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Our Artists
Artists of The Cellar - Private Gallery of Art
Old Masters PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 April 2010 23:31
Adriaan Boshoff

(SA 1935-2007)


“I love my country, its people - especially its children, and its natural beauty.

In my work I endeavour to portray things in a way which people are able to understand.

I enjoy capturing scenes and images I see and experience around me, as I perceive it - as it impresses itself on me.

For this reason, I often revisit painted scenes to ascertain whether my interpretation was correct.

Gavin Calf PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 April 2010 23:21

Gavin Calf

(SA 1950-      )

Gavin Calf is an Artistic Storyteller...

Each painting has its own happening woven within the piece and one finds pleasure in trying to unravel the privacy of content.

Gavin has an individualistic interpretation and technique and his work is hugely popular and recognized with collectors. 




Rene Snyman PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 March 2010 00:00

Rene Snyman

(SA 1974-      )

“In order to understand and appreciate my work someone shouldn’t try to find out what the subject/object is all about, but for what it communicates, in other words what message it has,” she says.

René describes the essence of her artwork as INTIMACY:

“This would really be the one word to describe my paintings – intimacy with the landscape, figures and the animals I portray. Everything that has a story to tell and has the element of life captures my attention.”

On finishing a work of art, René distances herself from it so that it may fulfill its purpose.

“The purpose of my work is to bless others, to feed their hunger for beauty and to communicate something of God that must change their lives.”


Art works form part of various private collections in amongst others The Netherlands, Ireland, England, Australia, Nieu-Zeeland United States of America, Canada and South Africa.


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