The Cellar - Private Art Gallery - Cape Town - Quality, Investment, Fine Art and Sculptures
Introduction to The Cellar - Private Gallery
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At THE CELLAR - Private Gallery of Art, YOU, as the discerning art lover and collector, experience a unique & personal exposure to fine South African Art in a sophisticated & relaxed environment.

We are passionate about promoting good quality art and giving your, upcoming artists the opportunity & exposure to become the future masters of South Africa.

We deal exclusively in original and investment art, offereing a variety of renowned and upcoming South Africa Artists.

Some favourite sayings...

"I believe a good painting enables an interaction between itself and the viewer that encourages us to explore it's meaning independent of fashion, taste and art history"

Stephan Farthing

Finance Writer, Business Art, March 2010

I believe the best type of collector is the one that Berlin art dealers Bruno Brunet & Nicole Hackert succulently describe as

"a person who doesn't believe the hype;

who helps to make artists big;

who collects in depth, not with bits and pieces from everybody;

who is crazy sometimes.

It is someone who lets the collection reflect himself or herself rather than what was the latest Frieze."



And like Sarah Thorton states...


"When the talk dies down and the crowds go home, it's bliss to stand in a room full of good art.

What drives a collector is to live in that room."

Linda and Willie Pauwels

Owner of The Cellar Gallery