Old Masters
Old Masters
Friday, 30 April 2010 23:31
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Adriaan Boshoff

(SA 1935-2007)


"I love my country, its people - especially its children, and its natural beauty.

In my work I endeavour to portray things in a way which people are able to understand.

I enjoy capturing scenes and images I see and experience around me, as I perceive it - as it impresses itself on me.

For this reason, I often revisit painted scenes to ascertain whether my interpretation was correct."

I have found a certain measure of realism in my life and that is what I seek to share with others. Every work I do must be better than the previous one.

I have not produced my best work yet. Perhaps it will be the next one- or maybe the one after that”, as said by Adriaan Boshoff himself.

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